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If you spend a little time regularly to properly care
for and maintain your lawnmower, it will not ony last longer
and your lawn will look better because the mower will be cutting
it more evenly.
Thoroughly clean and make any necessary repairs to your lawnmower
prior to use in the springtime. Changing the spark plug yearly can be an
inexpensive way to improve your lawnmowers performance. Also look over all the nuts and bolts, sometimes they can loosen or even fall off during use.
At least twice through the mowing season clean off the undercarriage of the lawnmower to help promote consistent cutting and avoid spreading grass diseases. The air filter in a lawnmower should be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis.
Perhaps the most important maintenance that you can do to your lawnmower that will have a positive effect on the appearance of your lawn is to keep the mowing blades very sharp. Usually it's necessary to sharpen your blades every one to two months in order to cut the grass cleanly.
When the mowing season is over, and it's time to put your mower away for the year, remove all of the gas from the gas tank, and drain the oil from the engine.
By consistently and properly caring for your lawnmower, you can help make it last for many years and keep your lawn looking it's best too.
Lawnmower Maintenance Tips
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